Tuileries Garden, Paris, France

My next stop after the Luvre was Tuileries Garden. It’s a very peaceful place, however there was some amusement park nearby, with life performance and lots of people having fun.
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Luvre, Paris, France

Another street performance, this time on my walk around Luvre museum in Paris. The girl’s name is Tatiana, and she is from St. Petersburg, Russia, however she didn’t want me to put any of her contacts on the website. Enjoy the recording.
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Opera, Paris, France

2015-08-27 23.15.08On my latest trip I ran into a whole lot of street musicians, this performance in front of the Paris Opera was no exception.
I have taken a closer picture of the artist, should anyone be interested how the guy looks. You can fin him on facebook under the name Grodgroddler Cams.

Enjoy it, and say hi to the man if you liked it.
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